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Canarsie Line

L.K. Comstock participated in a joint venture to install CBTC technology on NYCT's Canarsie Line.
Project Highlights 
  • Joint venture partner to introduce CBTC on NYCT system
  • Installed CBTC technology on the line
New York, NY
New York City Transit Authority, part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority
RailWorks Business Unit 
L.K. Comstock & Company

L.K. Comstock participated in a joint venture to install Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) technology on the Canarsie line, a 10-mile NYCT subway line connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.


L.K. Comstock updated the conventional, fixed block wayside signals with intelligent radio frequency communications-based technology. Using CBTC technology, trains are controlled through two-way communications between the rail cars and wayside equipment. L.K. Comstock completed the project in 2007.

Unique Features 

With CBTC, or moving block signals, subway trains communicate with each other to maintain safe separation distance that varies according to their relative speeds. New CBTC technology has enabled NYCT to increase the number of trains to provide more responsive, flexible train service for riders, while ensuring safe operations.

Other participants 
Joint venture partners: Siemens Transportation Systems, Union Switch & Signal