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L.K. Comstock National Transit - Outside the Greater N.Y. metro area

L.K. Comstock furnished and installed all the systems on Sound Transit's new University Link extension, which extends the existing Central Link light rail link north from downtown to the University of Washington.

RailWorks companies combined forces on a project to construct the multimodal transportation hub featuring a relocated Target Field Station as a central element. The Interchange/Target Field Station links light rail, commuter rail and bus service and contains a civic space for retailers, an amphitheater and green space. 

L.K. Comstock National Transit provided design-build services to construct a new traction power substation (TPSS) in proximity to the existing Palmetto passenger station on Miami-Dade Metro.

The DART Green Line provides a valuable light rail link across the Dallas metropolitan area. On December 6, the line reopened with a new, 24-mile extension on which L.K. Comstock played a significant and multifaceted role.

DART's $188 million Blue Line expansion (see the YouTube video) added 4.8 miles to the light rail line to link the downtowns of Garland and Rowlett, TX. RailWorks companies, L.K. Comstock and RailWorks Track Systems began work on the project in 2009. DART began revenue service on the extension in December 2012.

In early 2003 L.K. Comstock completed work on the 25-mile extension to the 44-mile light rail system serving Dallas, Garland, Richardson and Plano, Texas.

L.K. Comstock was part of a project team to construct the Automated People Mover (APM) system at Washington Dulles international airport.

The HLRT was a “new start” project featuring an 11.6-mile light rail line linking downtown Minneapolis with the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America.

The $676 million Cross County extension added eight miles to St. Louis’ 34.4-mile light rail system. Noted as one of the largest public works projects in St. Louis history, the extension included redesigning a major station, adding nine new stations as well as tunnels, bridges, retaining walls, grading and drainage along the line.

L.K. Comstock was part of a project management team to construct the Automated People Mover (APM) system at Miami International Airport. The system transports passengers between American Airlines' North Terminal gates, ticketing and baggage areas.

L.K. Comstock installed the signal system on Sound Transit’s new 15.6-mile light rail line linking downtown Seattle and communities along the route with Sea-Tac Airport.

First tier subcontractor L.K. Comstock supported prime contractor RailWorks Track Systems on this $13.3 million project. The U820 project expanded Sound Transit’s existing light rail storage yard and maintenance facilities. It was a fundamental next step in the plan to add a new northern light rail line by 2016.

L.K. Comstock & Company - Greater N.Y. metro area

RailWorks completed this $513.7 million project with joint venture partner Skanska USA to furnish and install systems and finishes on the subway extension from Times Square to W. 25th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan, N.Y.

RailWorks' $230 million subcontract included upgrading to two interlockings and installing communication-based train control (CBTC), power and communications systems to the existing  9.4-mile Flushing Line from Times Square in Manhattan eastward to Main Street in Flushing Queens.

In this $119.3 million, 50-month project, RailWorks installed a modern, relay-based signal system and constructed track and enclosures for the new interlocking on the Culver Line between Ditmas Avenue and 4th Avenue stations.

L.K. Comstock led the joint venture to construct the track and systems for Phase I of New York City Transit’s Second Avenue Subway.

L.K. Comstock and RailWorks Transit upgraded New York City Transit’s East 180th Street Yard. The new signal system and track infrastructure helps improve operating efficiency through the yard, reduce maintenance costs and improve overall customer service. 

RailWorks rebuilt and modernized Jamaica Station and constructed the AirTrain Terminal as part of the AirTrain project, a $1.9 billion automated people mover shuttle system to provide ground transportation to, from and around JFK International Airport.

L.K. Comstock installed the communications systems for train control and dispatch functions for the Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) project.

L.K. Comstock worked with equipment and technology providers Alcatel and Safetran to replace the existing and limited relay-based Bergen Street interlocking with NCYT’s first vital microprocessor-based interlocking.

L.K. Comstock participated in a joint venture to install Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) technology on the Canarsie line, a 10-mile NYCT subway line connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.

L.K. Comstock served as the prime contractor for the $88-million project to restore full functionality to the Chambers Street Interlocking and rehabilitate the connecting World Trade and Canal Street Interlockings and associated control tower.

L.K. Comstock  served as the prime contractor for this $73 million, four-year project to modernize Corona Yard, which is located in Flushing Meadows and serves the IRT Flushing Line of the New York City Subway

L.K. Comstock completed the $2.3 million subcontract to install an electronic security system (ESS) for NYCT’s Chambers Street Station (CSSC) complex.

L.K. Comstock rehabilitated the signal system on New York City Transit’s No. 7 line, an essential rail link between eastern Queens and Manhattan, one of the busiest transit lines on the NYCT system.

The $162-million Grand Concourse project rehabilitated the signal and communications systems for the NYCT’s Grand Concourse Line, a key commuter line linking the Bronx with Manhattan.

L.K. Comstock modernized the passenger information communication system on the 24 stations of NYCT’s Canarsie line.